Pin Cushion

Have been getting frustrated in my roman blind making....from my lack of a pin cushion!!!  You would think that a home that has every nook and cranny jam packed with fabric / wool / ribbons / buttons / threads / lace / crochet / embellishments.....would surely own a pin cushion!!  I have always just managed with keeping my pins in a little tin.

Well no longer!  I knocked this one up whilst watching a bit of TV last night...and I quite chuffed with it.  It is a bit of a clash of colours, but I like it.

Til next time xx


  1. Learning how to crochet just has to be on my "things to do" this year. This is so pretty! I am cross with myself that yesterday I went and bought online a crocheted shawly thingie for my daughter's forthcoming birthday, and with great respect to the person who crafted it... I am sure it was probably very simple to do. Oh well... someone gained from my ignorance, so it can't all be bad!

  2. You must try it....I learnt how to crochet 2 years ago, when I was pregnant with my little boy. I wanted to make him a baby blanket that he could keep forever. And I have been totally and utterley addictive ever since. I taught myself from a 'How to Crochet' book from the library...but if you fancy having a go, you should check out Lucy's blog Attic 24. There is a link below under the blogs that I follow. If you have a go at it...let me know how you get on!! Much crochet love - Naomixx

  3. Gosh... I will go for the book and Lucy's blog... I don't want to have to get pregnant again to learn to crochet!!! Not at my advanced age anyway!

  4. Ha Ha .... that would be a bit drastic just for crochet. Have fun learning and keep in touch xx


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