Hooky time

I seem to be having a real spurt of starting things at the moment....but not finishing.  I am too eager when a new idea pops into my head...I have to get my hook out there and then to start!!!  I should learn to be patient and do one thing at a time!! 

Here's what I have on the go at the moment in my basket......

My blanket is growing very slowly....but I'm getting there!

the front of a cushion cover

and another!

and the start of another!

another cushion cover!


Til next time xx


  1. Oh my goodness... and I can't even create one granny patch! Got the crochet needle out for the first time this weekend to try to calm my nerves after hubby fell off motorbike...and you can see how calm I was in the results of my granny patch! A total disaster. Back to the drawing board...
    Just want to say that I love the colours in your pink, yellow and turquoise effort there.

  2. Wow! What gorgeous projects! I love the colours in your blanket!


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