Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Day Festivities

Hello all!   Well, I do hope you have all had as magical a Christmas as we have had!!

We have had a busy few days, but I reckon this has been my best Christmas so far.  Our little boy Michael is only 15 months old, but just soaked everything in this year.  The look on his face when he came downstairs on Christmas morning, almost made me well up!

The three of us spent Christmas morning in our jimjams opening presents on the living floor.  Sam and I sat back in total contentment watching Michael play with all his lovely new toys.  Totally spoilt!  Then we put our Christmas gladrags on and headed over to Grandad and Nanny Skehan (my parents) to celebrate the rest of the day with whole family.  My mum put on the most amazing spread (as usual) and a good time was had by all!!

My sister Eimear keeping us topped up with Champagne.

An on looker at Christmas Dinner through the kitchen window!

My homemade gifts seemed to go down a treat....

Then on Boxing Day we had a wonderful day with all my husband's side of the family.

A big thank you to all our friends and family  - we feel like we have been totally spoilt!!

All that there is left to wish everyone a very very Happy New Year

Til next year xxx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hovingham Village Christmas Market and a sleep over at my Mum and Dad's!!

Had a lovely start to the weekend... Michael and I packed our bags for the evening and stayed at my Mum and Dads' (Michael's Grandma and Grandad) last night and went to the village Christmas market today.

It felt like a mini holiday...we were totally spoilt and looked after!  We helped Grandma put up the Christmas tree, did plenty of crafting with Grandma (she is a pure genius and really talented with all things homespun...she is the one who sparked of my slight obsession!), then when the little man was tucked up in bed we made up some mulled wine, lit the log fire, got into our jimjams and got cosy on the sofa and enjoyed a movie.  Total bliss!

This angel has been brought out every year for the past 28.  I made her in Sister Philomena's class at St .Cuthberts Primary School when I was 6 years old.  Apart from having to stick her head on again every year, she has stood the test of time!!

Mum and Dad gave me a lond needed lie in and I was welcomed downstairs with a full cooked breakfast...then we got togged up to go to the village Christmas Market.  When I say 'village christmas market' it sounds a bit amateur, but the Hovingham Village Market has been going for about a year now, once a month and it not only has stamina, but also such a draw.  They have 30 plus stalls of of really fabulous local produce.  It makes me realise how truely lucky we are, in this area, to have so many good independant producers on the doorstep.

The most amazing (and cheapest) vegetables from the Starks at Cawton.

The ladies at work in the village cafe.

Mary Pacitto - a very talented lady, well worth taking a look at her website!

I know I only had 24 hours away from home, but I did miss my gorgeous husband...and I am now snuggeld up to him on the sofa, joined by two of our dogs and a large glass of wine in hand.  Love it !!

Merry Christmas everyone xxxxx

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Halls are Decked....

We have put the christmas tree up today.  I am even more excited about christmas this year than I normally is just so much more magical with a little one in the house!!  Michael just loves it......turning on the lights was greeted with squeals of pure pleasure!!

Here are a few piccies of our decorations...

 I have had to create a bit of a barrier with a basket, as Michael is like a magpie to all sparkly things!!

I have had a go at snowflake inspired mantle trim.... I am quite chuffed with it.  It does look quite homemade though!!

I am going to strain off the Sloe Vodka and Whiskey, I have made, tonight.  May have to have a tipple (strickly for sampling reasons - honest!)

Merry Christmas everyone xx