Wow...we met Father Christmas, Donner and Blitzen this morning!!

What a magical morning.... Michael and I went down to Wath Court Nursery (where little man goes on a Friday with his best buddy Lennon for a day of play) to meet some very, very special visitors.

Father Christmas took time out of his extremely busy schedule to pay all the children at the nursery a visit....and he brought along Donner and Blitzen.  WOW!!

Mummy looks slighty haggered - got a stinking cold!!

We got the opportunity to speak to Father Christmas - and when asked 'what would you like for christmas Michael?', my little boy replied 'TRACTOR!' .....(it is one of the two words he knows how to say at the moment).  Father Christmas then looked his name up in the leather bound book he was carrying, to see whether Michael was on the good or naughty list.  He was deemed a very good little boy (my angel!)
the reindeer



Totally magical - this is what Christmas is about - seeing lots of happy little faces!!

A big thank you to Sam and all her staff at Wath Court Nursery.

Til next time xxxx


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