Sunday, 31 October 2010

Homespun and Vintage Fair

My dear friend Chez and her colleague Linda, held their first fair today....and what a sucess it was.  Doors opened at 10am and they were instantly packed out.  Here are the photos.

Cheryl-ann and Linda - Well done ladies!!

 Had to show this it shows off their fabulous vintage crocheted pinnys!

 One of Chez's beautiful creations.

The lovely Andrea from 

It was lovely to see my old friend Liz from  When I married my husband Liz made us the most gorgeous wedding favours, as our wedding present....a little iced gingerbread bride and groom for all our guests.  She is super talented.  I did a swapsy with her at the fair.... some vintage reindeer decorations for a gingerbread house!!

The Tea Lady - our gorgeous Frances!  I was also a Tea Lady for the day. We made a good team Frannie!! x


The coffee corner.

Chocolate buttons with a twist!

 Emma Gale - she makes some truely beauiful jewellery -

 Frannie hard at work.

One of the many stunning silk flower posies that Linda creates.

I bought three of these gift tags, but I think I will be hanging them up as christmas decorations, as I love them to much to give them away!

These beautiful creations were made by a young girl named Alice who is only 14.  Good eh!!

Really really regret not buying this one - I will just have drool at the photo instead!

My fellow itch to stitcher Nicola - always with a crochet hook in hand.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Behind the scenes at the Homespun and Vintage Fair....

Well I have had quite a busy day today...... I have been helping my friends set up for their Homespun and Vintage Fair today.  And I have got to say it is looking bloomin marvelous!!!

 It will be open to the public tomorrow, Saturday 30th October from 10am, in Pickering at the Quaker Meeting house (up near the castle).  I am absolutely in my element doing things like this, so it was an honour to help the girls out.  Also it was a great opportunity to browse and formulate my shopping list for tomorrow.  Top of my list is a beautiful vintage eiderdown I have spotted (covered in pink roses with a black background). Took a piccie of it!

They will be running a cafe for the day, selling some really, really scrummy cakes (which we have already tested, so I can say this with certainty!!)  It will be a fab shopping experience, so if you are anywhere near Pickering tomorrow...YOU MUST COME!!!!

Here are some preview piccies...

A couple of my revamped knitting bags.

My finished Puffball Patchworks!

So excited... but must get a good nights sleep.

So night night xx