Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sorry I haven't been posting much recently....

I am still here...just life has been manic at the moment.  When life gives me a moments rest, I will get back to blogging about all the exciting things I have been up to recently!

I will be back soon xxxxxx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wowza...it's raining cats and dogs!!

As forecast...the heavens have opened this afternoon.  I haven't seen a thunderstorm like it in years...the hailstones were bouncing down the driveway and our yard looked like a bubbling cauldron!!  I tried to take a photo of it out of the living room window, but I can never catch the true intensity of such things, in fact you can hardly tell it is raining!!

Sometimes I do treasure rainy afternoons....they are a good excuse to cosy up at home and in my case (with little one tucked up having a nap!) getting my crocheting basket out and not feel too guilty about it!!

I have three blankets on the go at the moment.....

 This blanket is just using up all the wool oddments lurking (hidden) behind the sofa!

This one is gorgeous and so thick...but I have run out of wool for now...must go and restock!

This one I am totally in love with - it is baby alpaca and has never been a chore, always a pleasure to pick up.  It will be the most expensive blanket I have made to date, the wool has cost £40 so far (and that was at sale price!) and I will need a lot more before it is finished. It feels so luxurious though and I am thrilled with it.  It is my first attempt at zigzag and I picked it up pretty quickly.

A little bunny lurking at the bottom of my basket....I need to stitch a paisley fabric back onto him, plus a brooch pin then he'll be ready to wear.

Also had a quick go at a rose brooch, but not sure about it!  Made out of silk cotton...I think I need to find a better pattern.

Till next time xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hello Strangers

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Life has been really busy over the last month.  My husband runs a camping and caravan site and with the bank holidays and gorgeous weather we have been rushed off our feet!!  I have also started a new part time job, working front of house at the wedding receptions at the Castle.  I has to be about the most perfect job for me....I love it!!  But it has taken alot more organisation in our day to day lives!!

I also celebrated my 34th birthday at the end of last month.  I was totally and utterley spoilt rotten by my friends and family.  They made me feel very special indeed!  My wonderful husband bought me the most beautiful maxi dress from Monsoon (with no hints from me - totally on his own!!), and he took me out to a fantastic local restaurant and wined and dined me....I do love him very much!

I must also show you the gorgeous treasure trove of a gift I was given by my dearest friend Cheryl-ann Taylor of www.cheryl-anntaylor.blogspot.com. 

 The most gorgeous sewing basket, I had actually seen this before at the Homepsun and Vintage Fair.

Full of lovelies!

 Buttons and Ribbons
 A whole bundle of amazing fabrics

As I said, spoilt rotten!

My garden is starting to erupt with colour now.....I love this time of year, when you can fill your vases in the house with fresh flowers from the garden......

Til next time...I won't leave as long this time xx