Well, I have finally done it. I have created the blog I have been promising to do for the past 10 weeks. For me this is quite an achievement, as a keyboard is not as familiar to me as a crochet hook or needle. 18 months ago I swapped my career in retail and catering for the much more exciting and rewarding job (job is probably not the right word!!) of full time Mummy and Home Girl! And it has proved to be the best time of my life so far.

Now I have all this valuable time at home I have been able to start on my 'Wish List'. My 'Wish List' is a little notebook I have kept in my handbag for the last few years, with all the things I want to make or do to create my beautiful home. I have never had the time to do it though...until now. Therefore it has been renamed quite simply the 'To Do List'.

Over the last year I have made a real effort to get out and about to meet new people, as it is easy to become a bit reclusive when you have a new born baby. Along the way I have made wonderful solid friendships with some girls who are right up my street (not literally speaking!). The one thing that links us all, is the obsession with all things homespun. Crocheting, sewing, knitting, baking, gardening, carbooting and generally trying to be nifty thrifters.

Collectively we now organise a weekly meeting on a Monday evening in our local village hall, called the 'Itch to Stitch'. It was only born 10 weeks ago, but we already have 28 people on the register. Amazing eh! Between the ladies who come we have a fountain of knowledge, so we have all been learning a thing or two.

Last night three of us went on a night out in York to support one of our fellow Itch to Stitchers, who was running a stitching workshop for Cath Kidston to promote Cath's new book 'Stitch'.

Chez (Cheryl-ann Taylor) is a super talented knit wear designer and a dear dear friend of ours. We thought she was amazing last night and all three of us came away buzzing and brimming with new ideas.


Here is a picture of my tapestry rose, which will eventually be a pin cushion.

She did an hour tutorial to about 60 people whilst we all had a our fill of tea out of vintage china cups and really tasty minature cupcakes.  We all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and even enjoyed the walk back to the carpark afterwards, as we did a spot of late night window shopping.

If you are ever in York, make sure to have a jaunt around the Cath Kidston store.  They have all there Christmas stock out now.  I know many of you will think it is too early...but I'm afraid I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas and I love it.  In the past I have always tried to keep a lid on my excitment until at least the day when the December copy of Country Living hits my doormat.  But now I have my own little person I can justify it!! 

Oh so many ideas jostling in my head....which one to do next.

Till next time xx


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