More snow...

It took my husband and I over an hour to dig the car out this morning.  Exhausted!! 

But it does make everything look so pretty............

Bought Michael his first pair of snowboots cute!! 

We will have to test them out tomorrow.

Til then xx


  1. wonderful inspiring blog...just read some older posts- lovely stitch the photos of all the snow! wowza we havent had that much in devon just an inch if that...i am now a follower x

    x kazzy x

  2. Hi Kazzy ...thank you very much. I am fairly new to the blogging world, but finding it totally addictive. So exciting to get a new follower!!

    The snow is so pretty, but I am going a little stir crazy now, as we have been couped up for almost a week now. On the plus side though I am getting plenty of stitching time.

    Bye for now xx


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