Some of my gorgeous buys this week........

Just a few photos of the beautiful things I have purchased this week.............

My fabulous new eiderdown from the homespun and vintage's new home, on our bed!!

Beautiful hairclips made by Cheryl-ann Taylor.  They were bought as a Christmas present...but I can't bear to give them away!

Love these colours.

Christmas gift tags made by Andrea from  I will actually be hanging these up as christmas decorations.



  1. Some great buys there Naomi! I knew you would keep the hair slides! The quilt looks lovely I bet it is very snug and warm.
    I love the pic of my tags! would I be allowed to save it and use it on my blog?
    Love Andrea x

  2. Absolutely! As I am new to this blogging malarky, I am not sure whether you can just copy and paste or do I need to send it to you xx

  3. Hi Naomi we have a craft academy on the first tuesday of every month at our shop in york, the academy bit is a bit tongue in cheek (legwarmers not required!) your group looks massive, do you do an item together like us or your own thing, we start off together but you can just switch to your own project you've brought if you don't gel with it! next month is danish paper stars but the instructions are in blooming danish!

  4. Hi Jenny

    The danish paper stars sound interesting!! Our Monday nights don't have much structure to them. Everyone just brings their own projects, but we have found people naturally group together to teach each other skills...which is great. We run a little shop each week (from donations we have been given)and the money gets recycled back into the pot to buy supplies. We set it up to meet some like minded people...but never dreamed it would be so popular!! Is your night open to anyone (and how much is it) as I know a few of our itch to stitchers maybe interested?? xx


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