Been having a go at crocheted snowflakes (inspired by  I have become totally obsessed with churning them it is an easy project to carry around in my pocket!  Not sure what I am going to do with them yet though.  Any ideas?


  1. Hi Naomi,
    Those snowflakes are so good!! I am not able to crochet at all!! terrible I know but it is in my list of things to learn!!!
    Happy crocheting!!!(think that is a word!!!)
    Andrea x

  2. Hi they are beautiful and so lacy, I am crocheting hearts at the moment but might swap to snowflakes! jennyx

  3. Thanks guys...

    Ohh, I haven't tried hearts yet!! That could be my next mission. I only started crocheting a year ago, but I am totally hooked (excuse the pun!). I followed the tutorial by Lucy on her Attic24 blog, she explains it very simply! You should have a go.

    Lots of crochet love xx


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