The start of a new blanket....

Most women have a thing for shoes, handbags or cushions.  My thing is definately BLANKETS!  I just love them!  Especially Avoca blankets (I have quite a collection now).  I love making them too and I usually always have one on the go....but haven't for a couple of months out came the crochet hook last night, along with lots of oddment balls of wool!

This one is headed for our cozy spare bedroom.  I will try and make it big enough to drape over the bottom of the double bed.

We have had several days of sunshine now, which has been total BLISS!...Starting to feel like spring is on the way.  Feeling very upbeat and inspired!

Til next time xx


  1. lovely blanket ;0)x miles better than any shoes!

  2. OH I love the colours in your blanket, perfect! I know what you mean about spring peeping through!

  3. Thank you guys, for your lovely comments xx

  4. Much more comfortable than shoes and something to love forever.

  5. PS> So glad you decided to join our *A MAKE A MONTH 2011* - looking forward to seeing what you make - my makes are always very simple!! love Annie xx

  6. You've gone crochet mad! I'm envious- these two boys leave me little time to crochet, but I'm doing a bit here and there. I am a 'follower' of your blog but since you changed I can't link to it even though it says i am a follower- nevermind, something I need to work out I'm sure.
    hope you are all well. love to your boys xx


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