Plenty of hooky time!!

Well I have seen in the New Year with yet another stinker of a cold.....I have been assured by friends and family it is part of  'the rite of passage' for new parents...once their child starts nursery!!  Michael only goes to nursery one day a week on a Friday, but at the moment we seem to catch a cold each time, then just be getting rid of it only to catch it again the following Friday.  Ohh the joys of motherhood.

One good thing about it though, is I haven't felt any guilt with getting tucked up in front of the fire and getting out all my gorgeous yarns and crochet hook.   Leaving the housework for later, when I feel a bit better!!

Here are a few of the things I have been making.

Also thought I would post a few pictures of a couple of the many gorgeous gifts I received for Christmas....

My Mum lined and decorated this sewing basket for me.  I absolutely love it.  Thanks Mum xxx

And this one was from my gorgeous husband.

Lastly, I need some advice........

I have finally mastered reading a crochet pattern and now want to get more adventurous.  I want to buy a couple of good crochet books.  Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

Till next time xx


  1. Hi Naomi,
    I have an award I would like to pass onto you!
    Take alook over at Fin and Gabs to see x
    Andrea x

  2. Hey Niomi, thanks for joining the challenge, great to 'meet' you! Love your basket, your mum has done it beautifully! love annie xx


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