April Showers

I don't know about you, but I am getting a bit fed up with this persistant rain now, although I am getting glimpses of sunshine in other ways! I am in the middle of an exciting new project at the moment for TeaHee of Easingwold... TeaHee's is nestled in Easingwold’s charming Georgian market square.
A Cheesemonger & Espresso Bar which offers such warm welcome...
and the most amazing deliciously indulgent treats...
and being a cheese fan myself, look at this for a feast!...
Anyway, back to the project. Sophie the owner has bought a Citroen H van from France. Named him Jean Claude, given him a facelift, installed a shiny new coffee machine... over the summer months they plan to hit some festivals stocked with cakes and coffees and JC will also be available for weddings as a champagne bar. I think it is so cool!!
I have been busy crocheting some blankets to cozy up his seats. Here is a sneak peek...
I have also been busy in the garden, despite the rain...it is lovely to see some colour creep back in.
I have also completed another crochet blanket for home...we have a really comfy armchair that has been handed down the family, but is in desperate need of recovering. Until I can afford the the gorgeous sanderson wool I have my eye on, I am making do with jazzing it up with a homemade blanket...
Another thing that is brightening our rainy days, are our cake deliveries from my dear friend Helena who lives in our village. She is a great at baking and is working her way through the Primrose Bakery Recipe book. The lastest delivery were the most delicious apple and walnut muffins on Sunday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
AND...I won a competition! WooHoo! A beautiful vintage linen cushion from Angel Linens. I will tell you more about this next time, as it really deserves a post of it's own! Till next time xx


  1. Jean Claude is going to have the coolest seat covers around! Your garden looks lovely too - got to get going with mine. Can't wait to read your next blog post! K x

  2. That van looks lovely. After years of spending money on rubbish coffee, it is nice to see such vans attending country fairs etc.


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