Wow...what a week!

I have just had the busiest week, but have loved every minute of it.  I started a new job a few weeks again, working in banquetting and I totally love it.  It is perfect for me as it doesn't interfere with being a mummy as it is mainly night time work.

Last week turned out to be a busy one.... I worked two days for my husband on the campsite, worked at a gorgeous vintage style wedding function, worked front of house at a big corprorate dinner, had a day out with my dear friends in Levisham, went to a fab launch party for an amazing deli that has just opened in Pickering, had family come to visit for the day, went carbooting, went to 'Itch to Stitch' and ran a stall for the day at our village fete.  Phew! it's exhausting just listing it all.

Here are a few pictures from my week......
 Our day out to Levisham spending time with friends.  It was soooo hot reaching 34 degrees!
 Lunch with friends
 These are some gorgeous flowers I was lucky enough to bring back from the corporate dinner I worked at.
 Almost a bit to big for our little kitchen table....but they just look and smell amazing.
 Our 'Itch to Stitch' stall at the village fete

 The lovely ladies on the cake stall
 The plant stall

 Our fab neighbours on the tombola

 The chickens resting up before the 'The Great Chicken Race'

 The village hall turned into a cafe for the afternnon serving cream teas.  The flowers on the tables looked so pretty.

 My little boy with his new picnic box from the bricabrac stall.

Decided to have a go at recovering a stool I have had for ages.  It had a worn bit of flock fabric on top which just looked tatty instead of shabby chic.  But, look what I found underneath once I took all the staples out....a beautiful bit of tapestry.  If I had known this was underneath I would have done this months ago.   It is so lovely to find treasures like these. 
 My little boy loves this stool and claimed it as his....Bless!

Til next time xxxx


  1. how lovely, i love village fete's always such a joy with community stalls, flowers and tea ;0)
    love the knit n stitch stall ;0)x
    love the flowers on the table and your kitchen- beautiful ;0)

  2. Wow...what a week loved being part of it! Can't to have friends lunch again...lots of crochet love xxx

  3. What a great week you have had Naomi! You must be exhusted!!! but such nice things to do!!
    I hope you are well though x
    Andrea x

  4. Hi Naomi,
    What a lovely blog, the village fete looked so nice, just how a village fete should be.

    Lots of Love
    Linda x


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